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Me and some other people from Free Software Community are planning to release a privacy-respecting free software chatting app, named Prav (means pigeon in Malayalam language) for Indian users, which would be interoperable with XMPP.

We want more people to get involved because we want to have democratic decision making process.

Please visit the website Also, please share with your contacts.

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Our privacy campaign, Privacy Yathra, website is live now

The goal is to guide people on how they can protect their privacy in their daily lives and also to create a movement in India.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped in the website.

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Call for proposal for MiniDebConf Palakkad 2022 is out now. Events relevant to Debian and Free Software community can be part of proposals.

Deadline - October 21, 2022.
Full details at

#Debian #DebianIndia #MiniDebConfPalakkad2022 #FreeSoftware

"Be it Iran or India, the question is not whether one is for or against the hijab. It is how state regimes – irrespective of ideology – attempt to control women’s bodies and try to dictate how they should live their lives."

"If you gave a (YouTube) Creator even one dollar as a donation, that is more than they will make from you watching years of ads on their content. The likelihood that I will ever outearn a one dollar donation from you; even if you've been watching ads since I started the channel in 2012, is slim to none!

If you really like the people you watch, give them a dollar. That is nicer to the Creator than a year of sitting through ads or YouTube Red."

- Louis Rossmann from

My free software mirror hit 100k requests/day today. Quite a weird feeling.

Screenshot shows nginx logs as parsed through goaccess.

Join us soon in Italy! The schedule of the LibreOffice Conference 2022, to be held in Milan from September 29 to October 1, has been published:

This is what we're here for:

Nearly a week ago, someone armed with a Raspberry Pi and entirely new to self-hosting asked: "what is a DNS record and how do I make one?" in our community chat.

Fast-forward to today: they're successfully self-hosting Snikket, and very happy! ❤️

Kaidan will receive a grant for end-to-end encrypted audio and video calls:

Kaidan's upcoming version 0.9 will support the new end-to-end encryption OMEMO 2. Here is how its trust management will work:

Nice article on fighting fake news and misinformation:

"You can inoculate people against fake news by exposing them to small amounts of such content – much as low doses of live virus can vaccinate people against a disease."

We are reinvesting millions in creating products, software, and services that respect people, unlike Apple and Google. Here the full thought piece by Purism founder and CEO, @todd.

In our newest blog post, we fire up the time machine and travel back to November 2004 to revisit a monumental release: Thunderbird 1.0!

The Librem 5 USA smart phone runs Purism’s PureOS Operating System, the first truly convergent operating system (it means it’s the same operating system that runs on our laptops, mini PC, and phone form factor – yes we beat Apple and Google to this goal by years). All with top-notch security features, take a look at this short #video!

Boost your programming skills, and learn about OpenDocument Format – the native format of LibreOffice (and used by many other apps):

Another month, another bill; if you find #NixNet's services useful, please consider helping me out with hosting costs :blobfoxheart:
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