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Our privacy campaign, Privacy Yathra, website is live now

The goal is to guide people on how they can protect their privacy in their daily lives and also to create a movement in India.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped in the website.

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Reminder: Abhas' @abhas talk is on 30th November 18:00 IST.

Please share to spread the word.
Reminder: Karen Sandler's @o0karen0o session is on 29th Nov 19:30 Indian Time.

Here is the poster. Sharing it would be very much appreciated.

@pixelfed I would like to sign up for Pixelfed but I don't understand the 'Use License' terms

What is software obsolescence? 🤔

Manufacturers often stop updating the software of a phone device. If the user continues using it, they face security risks. Or, they have to buy a new phone.

With #FreeSoftware you have more control over phone's updates

“Data protection” is a joke and you’re the punchline.

“Data protection” assumes that data is collected to begin with and that that’s just “how things are.” It makes no attempt to change that.

What you’re looking for is data minimisation.

#dataMinimisation #gdmr

I know I am late to write it. But here it goes:

" ’s outage is a reminder that they are a single point of failure, and other centralized services are no different in this aspect. Switch to decentralized and federated services instead, like , , rather than being locked into a single provider for all your needs."


#Signal, #Telegram, #Threema etc. have a similar problem. With a few strokes one can switch off the entire net. We need (more) decentralized networks like Jabber/XMPP, Fediverse.

As a thank you to the Tor community, we're sharing three wallpapers for you to download and use as you wish. 💜

No donation is required to download, but if you love these wallpapers, please consider a $5 donation in the name of privacy online.


"So, if someone introduces a feature in the software, it benefits the whole society. In this case, the developers in Oman introduced a feature which benefited newspapers in Kerala to publish."

Story of how a newspaper in #Kerala, #India moved to #Scribus, a #FreeSoftware, for publishing. Many times people say Free Software is missing this feature or that feature and only programmers benefit from the freedom to modify. Read this story by @ravi

Your privacy:

We use crooks to process your personal data, including some "optional" crooks who made us an offer we couldn't refuse. By accepting some or all crooks you give consent to the processing of your personal data by Vinnie Kneecaps and Sergei Novichok, and transfer to third parties, some of whom may not uphold the same high standards that Vinnie and Sergei do. To consent, click "Please spare my family" under "Accept all crooks" below.

[ Manage Crook Settings ]
[Accept All Crooks]

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i disagree with gravity but i respect its opinion

Kerala is forcing Aadhaar Linked Unique Health ID & its OTP Authentication for Hospital outpatient Registration online as per a Facebook post by Health Minister @VeenaGeorge03

This is gross violation of Fundamental rights.

Snehal Shekatkar ( will be taking an interactive session in the camp.

Below are the details:

Date and Time: 4-December-2021 18:00 IST

Bio: Snehal Shekatkar (webpage: is an Assistant Professor (DST INSPIRE faculty) at the "Department of Scientific Computing, modeling and simulation, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India".

Details of the talk: Snehal will be discussing in an interactive session on how he got his department switched to fully free software for education.
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