Our privacy campaign, Privacy Yathra, website is live now

The goal is to guide people on how they can protect their privacy in their daily lives and also to create a movement in India.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped in the website.

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Once again, the website is not hosted on Gitlab pages because hosting on Gitlab pages will make it inaccessible to Iranian users.

@ravi Iranian and bunch of other US sanctioned counteries.

@ravi Is it just me or is it normal that I don't see anything on the website?

@buoyantair Alice, We haven't put anything on the website yet. Maybe a bit too early to share the URL. But we will soon put things there. So keep an eye :)

@buoyantair Sorry I didn't update you. Now we have put content on the website

Any feedbacks/comments are welcome.

@buoyantair Thanks for your suggestion. I will forward it to the community. @techlore

@ravi hello, Ravi, I really like your profile description saying:

"I am a believer of

- All software must be free software where 'free' refers to freedom and not price. Check"

Really nice, and I also share the same believe. Greetings from Indonesia to India. Cool! I'm working circumventing sensorship with a front-end app that straddles multiple social networks and collates toot streams into one feed. It's REAL early. But, I found you through it. 😉

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