Me and some other people from Free Software Community are planning to release a privacy-respecting free software chatting app, named Prav (means pigeon in Malayalam language) for Indian users, which would be interoperable with XMPP.

We want more people to get involved because we want to have democratic decision making process.

Please visit the website Also, please share with your contacts.

@ravi Laudable goal; is it something built from scratch, or closer to @snikket_im -- polishing and building from existing blocks?

@brie It will be a fork of an already existing app--like Quicksy in Android and maybe other apps for other OS, depending on our funds and goals set by the cooperative scoiety through voting. And we will provide paid subscription-based service. @snikket_im

@ravi if it's based on Quicksy, does that mean it's tied to the Prav service? Or can people also use the same app to sign in to an existing :xmpp: account?

@brie @snikket_im

@badrihippo @brie @snikket_im The current plan is that the people can sign in using existing XMPP accounts.

@ravi sounds good! 👍 I can imagine asking some people to onboard directly into Prav, and telling others with existing accounts (or those who don't want to pay) to bring their own

@brie @snikket_im

That's good to hear. Unfortunately, the users and members have to be Indians(this government is a pain). Obviously, contact with people in other countries can be made using Prav due to the federated nature of XMPP.
@brie @snikket_im

@ravi hang on, you mean the users of the free Prav app have to be Indian even if they're using a non-Prav account? So a (or whatever) user can't install Prav unless they're from India? Or is the restriction for accounts on the Prav server only?

(Side note: I am in fact Indian, so this question is somewhat hypothetical for me)

@brie @snikket_im

No, users of Prav app don't have to be Indian but the Prav service users need to be Indian, and cooperative society members too.
You being Indian are encouraged to join us too in the cooperative society. We need more people to step in. Please fill the form on the site and make sure that code of conduct and social contract is fine for you.
@brie @snikket_im

@ravi yepp, i am going to register! Just trying to rope in a few more people first so we can all do it together 😉

@brie @snikket_im

There are already many members. We need support from interested people. So, I encourage you to join. We also have a meeting on 26th march 5:30 PM IST at that you can join to get introduced to the project.
@brie @snikket_im

@ravi I meant gathering a few more of my friends to join.

The meeting sounds great; will definitely try to be there!

@brie @snikket_im

@ravi great idea. Hacking such stuff makes fun. Anyhow please ask youself: does it really help having yet another XMPP client? Really really?

Developing an up-to-date featured XMPP client takes months or even years, depending in team size. And XMPP clients no fully featured are distracting and can't compete with user expectations - and discouraging people form Xmmp at all.

Please build on top of existing blocks! Thanks

@kirschwipfel we are building on existing blocks. We are only providing a subscription based service forking already existing apps. There is more to this than the technical side as well.

@ravi @kirschwipfel this sounds interesting! Is there a list of planned features I can check out (which differentiates it from vanilla Conversations/Quicksy)? Or is the focus going to be mainly on the onboarding and server hosting?

@badrihippo @kirschwipfel A list of features in being made right now. They will be prepared in a week. Then, members will vote to prioritize the features.

@ravi why phone number required? Why not completely anonymous! Tying everything to mobile number makes it difficult to change a mobile number. There are already so many services tied up to mobile in India, it’s a nightmare to change once your number is leaked and abused by telemarketers. Just another food for thought.

@garow Because people find plain xmpp inconvenient.Obviously XMPP is federated, so people can register on an anonymous service to talk to users on our service. This is unlike WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, where every participant needs to give phone number. There are plenty of XMPP services which will register you anonymously. We want to give people the same convenience as WA and at the same time they have privacy and freedom.

@ravi @garow yep, I think this is important too. Rather than explaining what XMPP is, I find it easier to just point people to Quicksy, and let them figure it out. If they end up getting interested in privacy and want to switch, *then* they can make the change.

@ravi Forgot to mention hoping it doesn’t have any app activity third party trackers for instance Google Crashlytics or something which might dent end user privacy.

Hey! I've had lot sof ideas about this for the past few years! It'd be great if we could synchronize! Let's connect on Jabber!

@ravi Sounds great. Will this app be available to people outside of India?

Yes it will be available for users outside India.

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