As Free Software Community of India(, we would like to promote Fediverse on this occassion on our blog post.

Here is a rough draft

Any suggestions/feedback to improve it? Trying to write concisely for new users.

@ravi Great! I think it should read either "service provider" or "server" instead of "service(s)":

"Users having account on one service can interact with each other by following users using other fediverse services"

@ravi also as it's meant for new users not familiar with the term, I'd suggest to replace "boosting" with "sharing" or re-sharing"

@ravi Thanks! Sorry, I wasn't precise. There is a second "service" to be replaced: "Users having account on one service can …"

@ravi I think it should be "the Fediverse" everywhere, as opposed to "Fediverse".
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