It has been almost 5 months since I started running a Snikket server. I only had to update once and that was very easy. I faced no issues as of now on the server side. The uptime has been 100%.

This is a blog post I have written on my experience

I found @snikket_im project chatroom as very helping and welcoming. They try their best to help newbies in self-hosting, which usually takes a lot of patience.

@ravi @snikket_im very cool. I run #yunohost so Xmpp is installed by default but it doesn't have video calls setup, only file sending.

@ravi @snikket_im metronome. You can tweak it and add STUN or COTURN on it but i don't want to mess with it too much.

I only use XMPP with my wife atm

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