It has been almost 5 months since I started running a Snikket server. I only had to update once and that was very easy. I faced no issues as of now on the server side. The uptime has been 100%.

This is a blog post I have written on my experience fsci.in/blog/snikket-experienc

I found @snikket_im project chatroom as very helping and welcoming. They try their best to help newbies in self-hosting, which usually takes a lot of patience.

@blabber Blabber is the best XMPP app in terms of user interface and has many good features compared to the Conversations app.

How To Create A Channel Interconnected With Telegram, IRC, XMPP, Matrix fsci.in/blog/bridging-all-the-

Might be of use to many free software communities.

Me and some other people from Free Software Community are planning to release a privacy-respecting free software chatting app, named Prav (means pigeon in Malayalam language) for Indian users, which would be interoperable with XMPP.

We want more people to get involved because we want to have democratic decision making process.

Please visit the website prav.app. Also, please share with your contacts.

Running Snikket on a server and the experience has been very smooth. Good quality audio/video calls and file transfer is a breeze as well. Took a few minutes to set up and gives 95% compliance out of the box.

Thanks @sahil for the help and giving me a server.

Let's recommend Quicksy (quicksy.im) chatting app for newbies to get into free software and privacy. Quicksy has an easy sign-up using phone number, which gives same convenience as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and further it is free software, decentralized, federated and interoperable. I am able to use free software without being alienated from the society because of this option.


Dear Free Software Community, let’s raise awareness about Quicksy. We don’t have to recommend our geeky solutions to everyone. If some people switch to free software, decentralized and federated app like Quicksy, that is better compared to them finding xmpp/matrix/IRC difficult to use and not using it. We need to work to advertise this option and raise awareness about it.


I know I am late to write it. But here it goes:

" ’s outage is a reminder that they are a single point of failure, and other centralized services are no different in this aspect. Switch to decentralized and federated services instead, like , , rather than being locked into a single provider for all your needs."