I found #matrix has better features and more polished, but needs more resources to run and it is slower to join groups etc.

Comparatively #xmpp is lighter on the server, but except on #android, most other platforms lack good clients. Hopefully with active development of clients like #dino, #kaidan etc we can overcome these short comings soon.

When talking about xmpp, we should definitely mention @snikket_im which has a comprehensive approach for usability on all platforms.

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Both #matrix and #xmpp are federated/decentralized (similar to #mastodon or #email). You can self host them and be in control of the privacy policy and terms of use. Or just choose an existing provider that is open for new accounts. You can choose to host your data in countries with strong privacy and free speech laws.

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When you use #WhatsApp for communications, you are using a proprietary software. They claim it is end to end encrypted, but without access to the source code, we can't verify that claim, we can only trust them blindly. We also cannot verify if there are back doors present or if they introduce backdoor in a future version. Additionally since it is centralized, entire world is depending on a single company, much like #twitter. There are two federated replacements available, #xmpp and #matrix.

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Welcome to @Mastodon and the #fediverse! Are you aware of the rights you should have over software?

You should be allowed to:

• Use a program for any purpose - without any restrictions on place and time 🌍

• Understand the full code – and know exactly what it does 🔍

• Share and copy the program – developers can collaborate and share publicly their improvements 🎁

• Improve the code – e.g. for personal or local needs 📝 (1/4)


"I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned." ~ Richard Feynman #education #quotes

Apple is becoming an ad company despite privacy claims
Submitted by: Doolwind; Score: 29

Elon's take over of Twitter has set a lot of things into motion in the digital world :amaze:

Tumblr and now also Flickr are thinking about intergrating ActivityPub so it will be able to connect to the Fediverse! :fediverse:

A lot of lay offs in the mainstream social media but the Fediverse is only growing!

The world is waking up :blobcheerwitch: Social media can be fun but also privacy friendly at the same time, you got the proof now!❤️

No billioaires needed ✅

I know it's apples and oranges but when I constantly hear about the crypto hacks, bankruptcies, CEOs who dissapear with billions etc etc it all feels like one big joke.. :thinktink:

Soo much worth just goes up into smoke each year and for what.. One energy consuming planet destroying network with extremely high fees

If I look at projects like Mastodon its hard to even fund the servers let alone have millions for a network. I do keep wondering, maybe the crypto bros do wanna get fcked over

Musk’s reign at Twitter has increased risks to users—especially those in crisis zones around the world who flocked to Twitter for expression during unrest—by unraveling guardrails against misinformation, harassment, and censorship. eff.org/deeplinks/2022/11/twit

If you are using an #iPhone, that has proprietary software (not Freedom Respecting). You might find some Free Software apps on iOS App store, for example #vlc media player. #Android is a big improvement over iOS as it has a large percentage of #FreeSoftware, though most android phones come with Google Apps and services which are proprietary. But android being Free Software, we can remove the proprietary part and use custom rom like #lineageos or phones like simplephone.tech/ /2

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Many of you #NewHere as part of #TwitterMigration might be thinking #Mastodon as just an alternative software app or service to #Twitter. One big point about Mastodon is that it is #FreeSoftware or Freedom Respecting Software (not about free of cost, think of it like right to repair). There is a worldwide community of Free Software users, developers and advocates that pushes Free Software in every sphere, not just a twitter alternative. You can ask me anything about #FreeSoftware here. #AMA

intro post 

Hello Fedi, re-#introduction time!

I was born and raised in a post-1989 Mainland China. Feel free to call me whatever friendly nickname you come up with. :)

I’m here hoping to connect to a wider global community free from capitalistic manipulations & rediscover a Chinese community without being plagued by totalitarian censorship, unlearning toxic patterns & learning about a better future in the process.

Frequent topics: mental health, CN pol, music (& production), shitposts probably

So I decided to post the article I wrote (linked below) on twitter and am going to dump some money into promoting it there. Gotta get some attention to this. Go boost over on twitter if you'd like.

Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Caves to Nazi's Agenda


#fediblock #mastoadmin #mastodon @Gargron

We heard you left Twitter for an open-source alternative? 

"Going cashless sounds so sleek and shiny and tech-forward, but like many high-tech initiatives, it doesn’t necessarily translate into progress for all."


We’re all for human rights, social justice, and democracy in the West unless, of course, it negatively impacts our wallets, comfort, or the enjoyment of our preferred leisure activities.

#fifa #football #lgbtq #equality #capitalism #corruption #worldCup 🏳️‍🌈

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Good news! 50 people from Kerala have pledged prav membership. We need 50 people from another Indian state to form a cooperative society. Become a member now prav.app/become-a-member/
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