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New to Mastodon? Here's an overview of privacy and security questions for this new way of doing social media.

If you're hearing a lot about the fediverse these days, you should know: Mastodon is not the whole fediverse and the fediverse is not simply a Twitter replacement. The fediverse is an entire ecosystem, built on something called ActivityPub. Learn more:

I think it's glorious that there's now a Mastodon server operated by people who used to work for Twitter ( I could have never imagined it when I started in 2016.

I updated my gpg keys. Please note the fingerprint

FF7D B951 7CE1 E19B 6EFE 695F E0E5 BAFD 3BBF 70B3

Check for details.

I updated the keys because earlier I had 3072 bits RSA key and Debian requires 4096 bits RSA or elliptic curve. So, if you are from Debian community and signing someone else's keys, make sure they are using a 4096 bit RSA key or an elliptic curve key.


Check out these improvements coming to #LibreOffice, thanks to students in the Google Summer of Code 2022!

We never did a proper #introduction, did we? 😲

Hi Fediverse, we're Thunderbird, an #opensource #email client available for free on Linux, macOS and Windows. (And coming next year to Android. FINALLY, right?)

You can use Thunderbird for managing an unlimited number of mail accounts, calendars, newsgroup accounts, and RSS feeds. You can also chat using your @matrix account.

πŸ’™ LIKES: Open standards, privacy, freedom, customization.

🚫 DISLIKES: Proprietary code.

Nice to meet you πŸ“©

Good news!
The Software Freedom Camp (Diversity Edition) 2022 will start from 27 November 2022.
You can register as learner, mentor or submit a talk at

Looking forward to see you there.

Please spread the word.

Because someone asked for it lately: yes, #monal can be controlled via Apple Watch, too.

You can read messages and even use your Apple Watch to answer them or mark them as read 😊

When I moved to Mastodon from Twitter 7 months ago, there were things that blew my mind.

You can have interesting conversations with just a few dozen followers, who actually read what you write and click links.

If you ask questions, you get answers and feedback. No need for 100K followers.

The algorithms don't bury your posts that contain links, because there are no algorithms.

#TwitterMigration #Mastodon


Oh #WhatsApp is offline again. Somehow my server is not affected 😜


Another major #WhatsApp incident that seems to render a whole service of importance useless...

use #decentralize|d services my friends πŸ˜‰

Like #xmpp or #matrix

It is not only about technical resilience but about a good bunch of other reason, too

Call for proposal for MiniDebConf Palakkad 2022 is out now. Events relevant to Debian and Free Software community can be part of proposals.

Deadline - October 21, 2022.
Full details at

#Debian #DebianIndia #MiniDebConfPalakkad2022 #FreeSoftware

"Be it Iran or India, the question is not whether one is for or against the hijab. It is how state regimes – irrespective of ideology – attempt to control women’s bodies and try to dictate how they should live their lives."

"If you gave a (YouTube) Creator even one dollar as a donation, that is more than they will make from you watching years of ads on their content. The likelihood that I will ever outearn a one dollar donation from you; even if you've been watching ads since I started the channel in 2012, is slim to none!

If you really like the people you watch, give them a dollar. That is nicer to the Creator than a year of sitting through ads or YouTube Red."

- Louis Rossmann from

Hey #Debian Stable users: Thunderbird 102.3.0 is now available! πŸŽ‰

My free software mirror hit 100k requests/day today. Quite a weird feeling.

Screenshot shows nginx logs as parsed through goaccess.

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