I have come to the realization that mastodon (or is it fediverses'?) discovery model of follow other instance to know their existence has both pros and cons.

Pros - things are decentralized, no central node/instance to fetch data from.

Cons - as the instance doesn't know the existence of others, interaction data are less complete.
Like for my two user instance, often times to see the complete discussion (boosts/replies/fav.) I need to switch to browser to visit OP's instance.

@sahil Replies too? I thought it was just boots, favourites, etc.

@famubu yep, replies (follower/following as well) too.

It feels like having an alternate reality :D

@sahil That must be annoying.. I hope you at least get notifications when someone mentions you in a post.

@famubu ah yes, direct mentions always triggers a notification.

Things would improve with times as more instance are known; likewise thinking of adding a bot account for following new instances.

@sahil Oh, so that's the need for the follower bots of instances. Had seen a few of them before. Didn't really know why they were needed at the time.

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