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wait why have there been no mastodon releases since may 27th???

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We're back with another Debian event, MiniDebConf
Palakkad 2022.

FOSS NSS, the Free Software club of NSS College of
Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala is hosting the event in
association with Debian India community.

Dates - November 12 & 13, Sat-Sun in NSS College campus.

Stay tuned for more details.

#debian #debianindia #minidebconf
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My free software mirror hit 100k requests/day today. Quite a weird feeling.

Screenshot shows nginx logs as parsed through goaccess.

Due to my move to Delhi-NCR region for job purposes, have become a frequent traveler of Metro rail. Long travel times in Metro has given me the opportunity to see the life in Metro. Shared some thoughts on it there -

What is it with people going to places "just" for photos. Cafes, historical places, roads, beaches visited because "we" need photos.

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@StampedingLonghorn Mapbox (SnapMap for that matter) are sometime slower for that matter.

I mapped a all the roads in a town to show my buddy they actually show up in SnapMaps but it took almost a month to reflect in Snap.

"In a million selfies across the world we are in the background, peering into a menu or disapprovingly eyeing strangers. Our resting bitch face is going places." - Shinie Antony

Read in today's newspaper and had the realization.

@oklomsy 5+ thinkpads, what're hosting on all these powerhouses?

A casual talk regarding OpenStreetMap (OSM) with my roommate lead to the discovery that Snapchat uses OpenStreetMap as basemap for their map functionality. It was felt great learning about this development.

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Many of our editors are based in Bangalore, and we sympathise 🥲

This is also currently the state of Delhi!

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