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For I am looking for a Bulk Email solution to send email on each #Free #Ebook Release in #Tamil language.

We used #Google #Feedburner. As it was shutdown, our readers miss alerts.

We have 15,000+ subscribers. Will send 10-20 emails per month.

Which is the cheapest mass mailing solution for this count?

Checking #AWS #SES

3,00,000 emails per month costs around 30 USD (EC2 cost is extra)

Is there any other low cost solution than this ?

Can #Selfhost help here ?

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Instagram is trying to intimidate us with threats of legal action.

Help us bring awareness to our project by sharing this post, and consider donating if possible.

We're not giving up. #fediverse

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Wanted to share some articles/posts discussing #Fediverse that I really liked. by @jhpot is a real good article you can share to introduce #Mastodon and #Fediverse to new people. by @axbom has a very nice illustration which communicates the breadth and diversity of #Fediverse while also showing the presence of other decentralized protocols like #matrix, #xmpp and #diaspora along with #activitypub.

@kushal it really get's difficult once the flow goes out.

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Is there any research or documented evidence that Google is always listening to us via Android? I am convinced it is by seeing the ads I get served on different apps and comparing that to my browsing history and what is spoken near the Android devices around me.

I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory or whatever but to me it is in the realm of possibility.

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This is probably worth repeating regularly: open source is about making your problem upstream's problem.

If you do not support said upstream, it will quickly become your problem again.

Invest on your own future. Reduce your long term costs. Support your upstream.

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People have forgotten the entire purpose of rights: to protect the minority from the majority.

The majority never itself requires freedom of speech, press, or religion, because it is their opinion that defines the popular and acceptable. Only the *un*popular requires a defense.


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I updated my gpg keys. Please note the fingerprint

FF7D B951 7CE1 E19B 6EFE 695F E0E5 BAFD 3BBF 70B3

Check for details.

I updated the keys because earlier I had 3072 bits RSA key and Debian requires 4096 bits RSA or elliptic curve. So, if you are from Debian community and signing someone else's keys, make sure they are using a 4096 bit RSA key or an elliptic curve key.


@bauripalash It was already half a mil accounts before twitter exodus. Post that even more, so it was wise to close and let people choose other instances.

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You’re Invited: State of the Onion 2022 - Community edition!

The second and last event streams live tomorrow, Nov 16, @ 17:00 UTC.

You'll hear from @ooni, the Guardian Project, Calyx Institute, @tails, Ricochet Refresh and many other projects!

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if you are making the transition from twitter to any of the mastodon instances, follow #MastIndia to discover posts and people

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