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Also, it seems there are 0 posts under hashtag this week for this instance known fediverse.

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⚠️ #Mastodon v3.4.6 is out! This patch release includes important security fixes.

And for those who are still on the 3.3.x branch, v3.3.2 is out with the same fixes.

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@guardianproject I'm really happy to see someone paying attention to real privacy implications here. Here's an idea: include all free Google Fonts in Debian/Ubuntu then make standard webserver configs to enable serving them at a "well known" path. So many sites run on Debian/Ubuntu, it'd be easy.

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And the Lord did speak, but His followers could not hear.

And His followers cried out to him, "Lord, Thou art on mute."

And the Lord did try to press the button to go off of mute, and did actually share his screen.

And his followers did see his open tabs, and were much dismayed.

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Running an operation like @disroot not an easy feat - and it is certainly not free! Both from a financial perspective and time spent.

If you are a frequent user of their services - consider donating!

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आज रविवार का दिन है, तो धरती पर जीवन चक्र के स्त्रोत सूर्य को नमन । – translation – Since it is the day of the sun we bow to the sun which is the source of all life on earth.

I am enjoying this simple graphic series, I need to simplify a bit more. Right now I am doing this in Krita but I am also looking to include inkscape in the process.

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As we were already running on negative balance, which was/is being paid for by @praveen from his pocket, I request everyone to consider donating to up keeping this services.

All amounts welcome -


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Hey folks, after Hetzner raised their pricing drastically yesterday, the cost of hosting (matrix/xmpp/diaspora server) went up from 23.51 euros/month to 29.00 euros/month.


Covid has changed this perception that in every video/documentary/film I see now, my eyes actively look at/for people wearing masks so categorize it as Pre Covid or Post Covid. The distinction would grow as the years pass by.

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You may want to add to your blog post that snikket also has a hosted
option which makes the process even easier, at which is currently free and in beta but will be very affordable once it is launched officially:).

"Snikket Hosting is currently in beta. If you’re interested trying the service, send us an email to!". I'm using it and I love it!


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TIL about , one of the world's most popular chess servers, run entirely on free software by a nonprofit, ad-free, supported by donations with a budget of ~$420K/year according to

They've been around since 2010.

As awesome as this is to see, imagine how many free/open nonprofit alternatives to Big Tech platforms would exist if, down to the municipal level, we decided to support them with funding & infrastructure.

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"A wonderful reminder of just how much life changes when we acquire or lose money/ power/privilege. " -

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Please, when you're arguing loudly on your mobile, put it on speaker phone so we can hear both sides and decide which side we're on.

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