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It seems like only one Debian mirror is left in India at

GoI's NKN mirror - gone
TIFR's mirror - went down in the past week
SugarBox (a hyperlocal CDN company)'s mirror - gone
IITK and IITB's mirror gone as well.

It seems time is nearing when only Fastly (or other commerical CDNs) would be the only choice for getting

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Submissions are open for the 2nd edition of Free and Open Source Software conference by the FOSS United community

Check it out

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Happening next weekend: our latest in-person Snipette event! If you're in Bangalore, book your tickets now at

#Chemicals #ChemicalMakeup #AncientEgypt #HeartOfAStar #NaturalLaw
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Howdy, fellow #Debian Developer mentors. I am suddenly in the position of helping an enthusiastic newcomer learn all about maintaining a Debian package.

What can I read, to help me not make so many mistakes nurturing their precious enthusiasm and teaching them well, as they struggle through the mass of learning and experimenting and critique of work?

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Sysadmin 101 workshop for @torproject new relay/bridge operators. share the news and bring your friends to the workshop. 4th June 19:00UTC. #Privacy #Security #Linux #BSD

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Web developers: take a moment to turn off javascript on your websites. If it can't be used at all--especially if the user is confronted with a blank screen--without js support, fix it. It's a bad website. #xp

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How can you gain devops experience of you're not already employed at an organization that has devops work?

Volunteer for maintenance of services at

I had to learn everything about docker-compose for

Learning Ruby on Rails was a welcome side effect.

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It has been almost 5 months since I started running a Snikket server. I only had to update once and that was very easy. I faced no issues as of now on the server side. The uptime has been 100%.

This is a blog post I have written on my experience

I found @snikket_im project chatroom as very helping and welcoming. They try their best to help newbies in self-hosting, which usually takes a lot of patience.

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The work Internet Freedom Foundation #India has been doing is exceptional and requires a lot of efforts. Checkout their website to get an idea about their work. I have been an IFF member, and I encourage you to become one by donating. Even a small bit helps!

Currently, they only accept donations from Indian citizens, through an Indian bank or card.

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Another fun feature is country and global ranking, making OSM addition more fun.

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Imagine if #XMPP was so standard we could receive one-time login links via Jabber instead of having to open our email or wait for an SMS

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"Prav is a social project to get a lot of people to invest small amounts to run an interoperable messaging service that will respect users’ freedom and privacy."

Sounds pretty stupid, right?

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OK who can help take Matt Mullenweg up on his offer to bring #Tumblr up to full #indieweb standards? cc: @humanetech

Not a joke: this is a very real opportunity... #openweb

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Hi, there! This is Harriet, the mascot for the Hare programming language. Nice to meet you.


Discovered StreetComplete app ( for OpenStreetMap today. StreetComplete allows addition of data to OSM by gamification of it. Enter GPS location and it will show up missing data in form of questions in quick easy way.

Way to map while doing your evening walk :)

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